Hi Bruce,

This is a quick email for two reasons: one is to thank you for the tour we joined (tagged along to) on Sunday 19 May in Anna Bay. Our overseas visitor, a young lady, enjoyed the tour immensely and had a lot of belly laughs at your stories and jokes. We explained to her that she was hearing typical Aussie humour at its best, and a world view which is second to none in this world. It was a very enjoyable and very funny experience, for which many thanks. I’d do it again! Second is that you mentioned you’re planning a Blue Mountains 4WD tour in the near future.. we would be very interested, along with several other people as well (two families at least with two 4WD).

When you have a firmer plan, please let us know so we can also participate.Hoping to hear from you soon, thanks and cheers, Katalin