I’m a mad-keen driving fan. My wife, well, isn’t. To say she was a little nervous about the idea of exploring the Stockton Beach sand dunes in a borrowed 4WD was an understatement!

However, our summer afternoon with Bruce was one of the best things we’ve ever done as a family. The terrain and the scenery is simply jaw-dropping, the skills required to keep you going in a very challenging environment were expertly relayed by our hosts, and the sense of achievement once you’ve conquered the dunes (and you will!) is incredible.

And all you need is your 4WD, your common sense and a smile. Bruce took the time to make sure our kids (12, 6 and 2) were thoroughly entertained, too, and they teased my poor wife unmercifully the entire time!

I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of cool things with cars, but the tour of one Australia’s most awe-inspiring National Parks, with such a gracious host, has firmly planted itself right towards the top of my list. I absolutely recommend 4WD Tag-Along Tours to anyone – and so does my wife!


Tim Robson

Top Gear Australia Magazine