We have been to this area for years and this time decided to take our very domesticated 4wd (School and shops is as tough as it’s seen til now) I was a little nervous driving off road and discovered ‘Tag along tours” where you drive your own 4wd/SUV and they lead you in their 4WD guiding you safely but with a few thrills, the whole way. If you are in the area and have a AWD or 4wd I can’t recommend these guys highly enough. We have a Nissan X-Trail which is no real all terrain vehicle but Bruce our guide took us to places we could never have dreamt of going to ourselves.

On top of that we had a wonderful insight into the history and background of the area. These are the largest sand dunes in the southern hemisphere and really awesome. When Waikiki suffered storm damage many years ago, the sand from here was shipped over to help repair the damage. (Well that’s the story I’ve been told many times) We drove to the highest dunes as well as an awesome run along the huge Stockton Beach. If you have been too nervous to take your car off road and want to see a truly unique and beautiful area I can’t recommend these guys enough