We would like to drop a few words of appreciation for the great mentoring and guided tour you gave our family. Your knowledge is great but not only in 4WD also about the history of the places we drove through. Needless to say we were very impress to see the true love you have for the environment and the respect you have for the Indigenous people sacred places. You have spoke very highly of the people with businesses in your area, which made us feel very comfortable with you. Your great sense of humour made was a great wall breaker, by the end of the trip we felt we were saying goodbye to an old friend. Thanks for being such a great support and helping out with the camera, we now have great photos as well. We now know how to use our 4WD – about time ha? Amazing trip for all of us that we will never forget. We will recommend you guys to anyone who ever want to know how to drive their 4WD and to those who haven’t they should still go with you and feel what it is like to go down such a high dune… something that many people think – it only happened in the movies! Thank you again, and we hope to meet you guys again in one of our trips there – you gave a good name to Port Stephens. We wish you the best of health and luck in everything. Cheers.