Thank you Bruce for the great time yesterday the care and training that we received was invaluable. For a 70 year old this was my first experiance in ANY 4×4 off road driving so was a bit aprehensive but Bruce made it easy
the tour included a vist to Little Rock and Big Rock ha ha and other sites
we than ventured into the back Dunes and when we saw the size of some of the places he was taking us was to be seen to be belived.
with Bruces guidence we were able to drive up and down all the dunes
heeven entertained the kiids that was with the other parties and they had a great time on the sand boards I thought about it and could have done it but thought hmmm maybe not.
anyway do yourself a favour and do this yes it may seem a bit expensive but you can take as many people as your car can hold and the sand boarding is included